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Browse Tools & Editors - Games : 1-50 newest programs

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  • GameGain  1)   GameGain
    GameGain instantly increases the performance of your computer and squeezes out every last bit of performance your computer is capable of. With a few clicks of the mouse, you will notice an increase in frames per second, smooth game play and less lag.

  • GameBoost  2)   GameBoost
    With GameBoost your internet connection will be upgraded to allow you to download music, movies and files much faster, your computer will also be optimized to run games faster, changes made to Windows will help improve frames per second.

  • Game Copy and Backup  3)   Game Copy and Backup 2013.10
    With Game Copy and Backup System you can copy any Favourite Video Game in your system easier and faster. Usually you can not make complete video game copy because of the in built protection. Make 100% complete game copy with Game Copy and Backup!

  • Quest Creator  4)   Quest Creator 2.42.78
    A game maker in which you can easily create your own adventures in mythical, medieval settings. Using preset or custom characters, set up worlds in which you control the plot, action, and difficulty of the game. Published by Dataware.

  • GameThrust  5)   GameThrust
    GameThrust is a tool for all that allows you to modify your computers settings to increase gaming and internet speed performance. No modifications to your hardware are made and all adjustments and settings are done in an easy to use interface.

  • GameHike  6)   GameHike
    GameHike is a tool for all that allows you to modify your computers settings to increase gaming performance. No modifications to your hardware are made and all adjustments and settings are done in an easy to use interface.

  • Cucusoft iPhone Tool Kits  7)   Cucusoft iPhone Tool Kits 2.6.3
    Cucusoft iPhone Tool Kits can easily backup and transfer iPhone songs, videos, photos, SMS, call list, contacts and books(you purchased via iBook Store) to computer. And even enable your iPhone as a removable hard disk.

  • xbox 360 3 luces rojas 2.0  8)   xbox 360 3 luces rojas 2.0 2.0
    Xbox 360 3 luces rojas 6Sencillas instrucciones muy fáciles de sequit con la explicación paso a paso. Tan simples que cualquier p'ersona las puede ejecutar. Imágenes completas para eliminar cualquier tipo de confusión!

  • psp repair guide 2.0  9)   psp repair guide 2.0 2.0
    Psp Repair Guide: Diagnose and Repair Your PSP With Step-by-Step Instructions Now you can diagnose up to 99% of all PSP system errors, fix them in less time, and do it at a fraction of the cost of traditional repairs.

  • get xbox 360 fixed 2.0  10)   get xbox 360 fixed 2.0 2.0
    Fix Your Xbox 360 Right Now. And No, It Doesn't Cost $110 Even Though That's What Microsoft Wants To Charge You (for a problem they caused in the first place) The Only Online Guide That Repairs An Actual Red Ring of Death Xbox 360 And Shows You Each

  • linux for ps3 installer 2.0  11)   linux for ps3 installer 2.0 2.0
    Linux for PS3 installer Features Turn your PS3 into a multifunctional computer by installing Linux safely. Run the emulator and install the Windows operating system and more. Play 50% more file formats, never have an un-playable

  • easy backup wizard 2.0  12)   easy backup wizard 2.0 2.0
    Easy Backup Wizard The easiest and simplest method to Copy and Backup your Video Games! Easy Backup Wizard has been developed to provide you with the simplest and easiest method to backup your Video Games. Easy Backup Wizard is so simple to use

  • game copy wizard 2.0  13)   game copy wizard 2.0 2.0
    Game Copy Wizard is a better and easier way for you to completely backup any Video Games. Completely unlike anything our competitors are offering, it allows you to make quality backups of your games using a CD or DVD burner.

  • Photo Frame Maker  14)   Photo Frame Maker 1.9
    Turn your images into original and impressive creations in just a few steps. With Photo Frame it you can add stylish and fun frames to your digital photos, set them as desktop, enhance your online albums, web pages, blogs, mobile wallpapers and more!

  • Game Cheater ArtMoney  15)   Game Cheater ArtMoney 7.41
    Universal Game Cheater. ArtMoney can make a troublesome game easier to win by helping you find the memory address where a desired quantity (like amount of money) is located so you can change that quantity.

  • Mafia Wars Helper  16)   Mafia Wars Helper 5.0
    Mafia Wars Helper HELPS YOU Get More Friends, Cash, Bonuses and Collectable's

  • Farmville Helper  17)   Farmville Helper 6.0
    Farmville Helper HELPS YOU Get More Friends, Coins, Bonuses, Collectable'sand Know When To Harvest Trees, Harvest Animals, Witch Crops To Plant

  • PlayClaw  18)   PlayClaw 1.8
    Take still and video snapshots of 3D games without sacrificing performance. PlayClaw operates in background and makes use of your CPU's multi-core abilities to record quality action videos without affecting the gameplay or reducing frame rate.

  • Yildun scanner  19)   Yildun scanner 6.00
    Easy, fast and FREE graphics editor/viewer and screen capture software.

  • WinDS PRO DSi  20)   WinDS PRO DSi 2.3.7
    WinDS PRO is the best suite of free emulators for Windows that emulates Nintendo GameBoyAdvance & Nintendo DS free roms for Windows XP, Windows Vista & Windows 7.

  • EveTools  21)   EveTools
    EveTools is a compilation of programs to help you in the EVE-Online universe that contains tools BeltMarker, Guardian, Hauler, Looter, and Traveller.

  • Asoftech Speeder  22)   Asoftech Speeder 2.22
    Ever thought of controlling the speed of game so that you can have more reaction time, or more powerful gun fire, or run faster in the game? Asoftech Speeder is such a tool to adjust the speed of Windows games and applications.

  • Picture Collage Maker Free  23)   Picture Collage Maker Free 2.0.7
    Picture Collage Maker Free is a simple-to-use Windows freeware that turns ordinary photos and pictures into stunning keepsakes to share with family and friends.

  • Free Game Clown  24)   Free Game Clown 1.1.0
    Free Game Clown is a free amazing software that provides you an easy-to-use platform for playing flash games online. It covers a variety types of games including action, shooting, sports, puzzles, kids and so on.

  • Cucusoft DVD to iPhone Converter Suite  25)   Cucusoft DVD to iPhone Converter Suite
    Cucusoft iPhone Video Converter Suite is an all-in-one iPhone video Conversion software solution. This Suite includes 2 software -- " Cucusoft iPhone Video Converter" and " Cucusoft DVD to iPhone Converter".

  • Cheap Xbox 360  26)   Cheap Xbox 360 1.0
    Download Xbox 360 toolbar for Internet Explorer. Cheap Xbox 360 Consoles, Accessories and Games. Also related items such as Ps3, Psp, Wii and Ipods

  • SafeCheating  27)   SafeCheating 1.0
    Playing online games (MMORPG) using cheats. Using SafeCheating, you will not be banned.

  • ServerBrowse  28)   ServerBrowse
    ServerBrowse is a Quake III Arena Server Browser and game launcher. Features include the ability to sort servers by any parameter, launch Quake III Arena directly into a server, save favorites, color schemes, and adjustable performance options.

  • FlashGamesLAND  29)   FlashGamesLAND 1.0
    FlashGamesLAND is a funny game tool with a collection of over 2500 PC games, flash games. You can play sport games, action games, adventure games, skill games, racing games, puzzle games, shooting games, board games, casino games

  • E.M. Game Capture  30)   E.M. Game Capture 2.10
    Real-time capture high-def 3D games and desktop to video files with various format, show fps and hot key tips on the top-left corner of the game

  • PSP Blender Review  31)   PSP Blender Review 1.0
    PSP Blender Review, is legal to download Sony PSP Games from PSP Blender com. People have been a bit worried with the legal issues with regards to downloading real games from the site. Find out why PSP Blender is still online, PSP Blender Review.

  • Casual Game News Engine  32)   Casual Game News Engine 1.0
    This program displays news of new casual game releases. It displays the source of the news, the name of the game, a link to learn more about the game, a picture representing the game and a short description of the game.

  • FLASH GAMES  33) FLASH GAMES 4.5.188
    Play over 3000 free Flash Games online directly from your browser and listen over 1200 radio stations, watch over 150 streaming TV, search on the web with Google, Wikipedia, Ebay, YouTube, Maps and over 8.000.000 songs witdh Dizzler

  • Godsw Time Counter  34)   Godsw Time Counter 2.20
    Godsw Time Counter is used to count all date and time elements for the past/future events based on current date and time; it contains a useful calculator and the 'Work Time' tool also.

  • WATCH TV on your PC  35)   WATCH TV on your PC 2.53
    WATCH TV on your PC Watch Sports, News, Game Shows, Documentaries, and hundreds of other programs from around the US and the world. Download PCTV4ME and you will have access to TV channels from around the world as well as hundreds of radio.

  • Online Spiele Kostenlos  36)   Online Spiele Kostenlos 3.0
    Free Arcade Game Portal Script - new PHP / MYSQL script with many of great features. Great admin panel, professional template, integrated community. Easy to install and ready to use! You can build your own arcade portal in minutes!

  • HiPro86 - THE BOT  37)   HiPro86 - THE BOT
    Company ECAT - Germany has a number of various business running. Besides trading in Wood and Steel we develop software solutions for the betting markets. A team of 5 software developers are specialised on creating automated betting solutions

  • cheap-life-insurance-policies-music_port  38)   cheap-life-insurance-policies-music_port 1.00
    Build your music portal easily. With this PHPNuke module you will be able to publish music information: Artists data, albums, songs, audio samples, chart lists, themes and more. You can install it with no technical knowledge.

  • Nealine Game Portal  39)   Nealine Game Portal 2.5
    Nealine Game Portal - is a new PHP / MYSQL script with many of great features. Great admin panel, professional template, integrated community. Easy to install and ready to use! You can build your own arcade portal in minutes!

  • Go Chess Clock Light  40)   Go Chess Clock Light 2.3
    Go Chess Clock will make a universal, easy to adjust and highly precise digital clock out of your Pocket PC. Support 3 Different Time Controls. Oversized switch buttons and Sound notifications

  • Go Chess Clock  41)   Go Chess Clock 2.2
    Go Chess Clock will make a universal, easy to adjust and highly precise digital clock out of your Pocket PC. Support 5 Different Time Controls. Oversized switch buttons and Sound notifications

  • Darts CLUB  42)   Darts CLUB 1.1.2
    Darts CLUB helps darts professionals and enthusiasts to calculate scores, judge games fairly and impartially and keep track of the games completely automatically. Remove numbers and formulas from darts and enjoy the game!

  • Infomatist BusinessSimulationGame EcHK  43)   Infomatist BusinessSimulationGame EcHK
    Informatist is a free online web based business simulation game. The energy status is a very important element for player.This free tool notify the player's energy status every 10min.

  • PSP Finder  44)   PSP Finder 1.5
    PSP Download Finder is a powerful tool that allows to find and download games, music, and movie files and transfer it to your Sony PSP quickly and easily.

  • D3DGear  46)   D3DGear 2.34
    D3DGear is an advanced Windows ingame utility software for 3D games. With D3DGear, you can measure framerate of 3D game, capture 3D game screenshot and record 3D game into a movie. You even can use D3DGear to analyze 3D game performance.

  • CheatsMagazine  47)   CheatsMagazine 1.0
    CheatsMagazine is a free game cheating utility having biggest database of thousands of up-to-date Games Cheats.

  • Crawler Fun Ball  48)   Crawler Fun Ball
    Play with Fun Ball on your desktop for FREE and access your toolbar menu with a right-click on the ball. Toss it all around, it bounces right back. Don't ever get bored again!

  • SWFMoney  49)   SWFMoney 2.1.0
    SWFMoney is a cheating program you can use for flash games. SWFMoney displays and allows to change flash variables containing the values of player character (e.g. money, score, health, ...). Now you can change these values during playing!

  • Infomatist Business Game Mail Checker  50)   Infomatist Business Game Mail Checker
    Informatist is a free online web based business simulation game. It has a in-game mail system which easily helps players to communication with other players. This free tool notify the players if he has in-game mail checker.

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